The movie is absolutely heartbreaking. Not the story-- but the fact that when Valentine's Day rolled in, poor gooey-eyed females eager for some silver-screen romance trekked to the cinemas and paid for this movie only to have received a pseudo-story. 

Based on true events, The Vow's premise is a tragically beautiful love story; but, unfortunately, the story was translated into a movie tragically.

Paige (Rachel McAdams), in one snowy evening, removed her seatbelt and leaned over to kiss her husband, Leo (Channing Tatum). Out of the blue, a truck perfectly rearended their car, sending her through the windshield and into a coma. When Paige wakes up, five years' worth of memory--which includes her entire married life and relationship with Leo--are lost. Her amnesia reverts her back to her ...(READ FULL REVIEW)

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