If you are in the mood for cheap thrills, or perhaps thinking of bringing your date to a juvenile alien adventure where not much concentration is required, then The Darkest Hour is your best pick.No, there’s nothing wrong with popcorn movies manufactured for light Friday night entertainment at the cinemas. And with 3D effects, these sorts of films can de-stress a moviegoer-- and if lingeringly good, can even be a good conversation starter. But the problem with The Darkest Hour, it is shallower than the acceptable level of shallowness of popcorn movies.

Sean (Emile Hirsche) and Brad (Max Minghella) are hanging out one night in a stuffy bar in the heart of Moscow, meeting new people, when there is a sudden blackout, and then strange beautiful lights started appearing in the Russian sky. Soon after, these lights started wiping out humanity-- (READ MORE)

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