And now we know why Jean Dujardin was Oscar-nominated for Best Actor this year in The Artist. He lights up the entire screen, his eyes have soul and they speak volumes in this silent movie.

Bagging a plethora of awards, and also nominated Best Picture in this year's Oscars, The Artist is Michel Hazanavicius's novelty movie that critics are raving about. If you think you'd be bored watching a black and white silent movie, still take a shot at The Artist. It's actually engaging-- thanks to a fairly absorbing screenplay, Dujardin's emotion-filled eyes and dazzling smile lighting up the screen and mesmerizing you, and the musical score that translates the actors's emotions and speaks for them.In the movie, it's 1927 and George Valentin (Dujardin) is a famous silent movie actor. Then he meets and becomes enchanted with a movie extra/dancer Peppy Miller (Bérénice Bejo) who is trying to make a break in Hollywood. Then, the advent of the talkies soon arrives, and George refuses to join the trend-- (READ FULL REVIEW)

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