It’s hard to believe that A Separation is an original screenplay. This domestic drama transforms you from a mere movie-watcher into a voyeur, a judge, an adjudicator-- as if you constantly want to interrupt everybody in the movie and say your piece or settle the matter.

Such is the pull of the Iranian film A Separation, winner of this year's Oscar Best Foreign Picture; you unwittingly cross over to a place where you forget that you're watching a movie, but instead you feel like you are either the neighbor, the relative of the characters, or the characters themselves. 

The film opens with secular husband and wife Nader (Peyman Moadi) and Simin (Leila Hatami) arguing before a judge. Simin wants a better life for their daughter in the US, whereas Nader refuses to leave Iran, unable to leave his father with Alzheimer's. Simin's solution? Divorce--  (READ FULL REVIEW)
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