A great kiddie movie can entertain anybody, from a grandma right down to a grade-schooler. From a pony-tailed film snob down to the happy-go-lucky mainstream moviegoer, because an excellent storytelling is an excellent storytelling! Simple as that. Regardless of the target audience.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, the third installment of the Wimpy movie franchise based on the bestselling book series by Jeff Kinney, is my first introduction to the popular world of the wimpy hero, Greg Heffley (Zachary Gordon). But after I left the cinema, I was not converted to the Cult of the Wimpy Kid.

In Dog Days, summer vacation has finally started and Wimpy Greg, who is not really wimpy in the pure sense of the word, is excited to spend the summer playing video games with his major crush, Holly (Peyton List) because, well, he's the "indoor type." Unfortunately, his father (Steve Zhan), the genuine wimp in this kiddie tale, forces Greg...(READ FULL REVIEW)

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