If you're in the mood for arthouse weird cinema, you might want to try The Skin I Live In.

Highly esteemed Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar offers you his brand of Frankenstein flick, where the creator is a skin-obsessed plastic surgeon, and the monster creation (who doesn't look anything like a monster) is a soft-skinned beautiful girl that he names Vera Cruz.Set in present day suburban Toleda, Spain, The Skin I Live In (watch the badly made official trailer) follows Dr. Legard (Antonio Banderas), a screwball widowed surgeon tinkering with transgenesis and keeps in his remote stately mansion/medical lab "Vera" (Elena Ayana), his human experiment. He closely watches the suffering and locked-up Vera with a scrutinizing obsession-- his very own creation, guinea pig and art work... (READ FULL REVIEW)

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