Michael Fassbender’s eyes are intense. Give him a non-speaking role and he could still affect you in many ways. You can see through his eyes layers upon layers of emotions.  Hell, you can even see through his soul. In 2011’s Shame, artist-turned-director Steve McQueen cast Fassbender in a role of a sex addict named Brandon, which won Fassbender numerous acting awards including the BAFTA. 

Brandon keeps a shameful secret. He is a sex addict. Living alone in his sterile, immaculately clean New York apartment, his secret addiction to joyless sex with strangers is suddenly disrupted by his sister Sissy (Academy Award nominee Carey Mulligan) who shows up unannounced to come live him. His privacy ruined, Brandon's frustration to get his next fix slowly eats him up until his sex addiction...(READ FULL REVIEW)

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