The most highly anticipated Ridley-Scott-comeback sci-fi summer blockbuster movie of the 21st century, Prometheus feels like The X-Files meets Alien meets The Tree of Life meets Ebola meets The Abyss. 

In the distant future, in the Isle of Skye in Scotland, after unearthing another cave painting illustrating the same star map discovered in other ancient civilizations, archaeologists sweethearts Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and  Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) feel that they are now only a step closer to the answers to their existential questions. Who created mankind? Are we engineered by a more superior life form? Why was mankind created? So, then the couple hops on the spaceship Prometheus, along with a crew that includes a very soulful robot David (Michael Fassbender) and a robot-like woman (Charlize Theron) on a Weyland-funded mission to find answers in space. But, of course, they will encounter monsters first. And...(READ FULL REVIEW)

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