The all-American Gil (Owen Wilson), with his California-surfer looks, is enamored with romantic Paris, especially Paris in the rain, just as his fiancé Inez (Rachel McAdams) is enamored with the pseudo-intellectual Paul. The young, and completely opposite, engaged couple tags along to the French capital with Inez’s parents for a business trip. And while the highly romantic Gil professes excitement and desire to move to Paris after their wedding, daydreaming about Paris in the ‘20s, reliving the time of great writers and artists, the annoyed Inez is frustrated with his penchant for the past and his romanticism.

Written and directed by Woody Allen, and nominated for this year’s Oscar Best Picture, Midnight in Paris is a delightful fantasy-romantic-comedy that will transport you right into the heart of Paris for an unexpected adventure. Because whenever the clock strikes midnight in Paris, magic happens to Gil that even you, the viewer...(READ MORE)
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