To Channing-lusting females, sexually frustrated housewives, gays, and closeted strippers, Magic Mike could be the answer to your fantasies. You don't have to visit a male strippers club—  just go to your nearest cinema for a generous sight of gyrating beefcakes, even if it's only in 2D.

Generating a ripple effect of female hysteria, Magic Mike seems to be the hottest and much-talked about movie in town, even by straight males. But if you're seeking for fun and entertainment that is beyond hot males grinding their pelvis—i.e., the story—then there's nothing in it.

Marketed as light and fun, the movie is actually more of a drama. Mike (Tatum) is an ageing superstar male stripper at Xquisite Club owned by Dallas (Mathhew McConaughey). The movie establishes early on that Tatum is a wise, responsible guy, so don't judge him! He is only using his sexy gig to save up for his real dream and ambition: furniture-making. But Mike's well-laid plains might just go wrong when he accidentally meets a 19-year-old unmotivated Calvin Klein model-lookalike, Adam/"The Kid" (Alex Pettyfer), and recruits him as a stripper under his wings—  and promising...(READ FULL REVIEW)

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