Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis in a political satire. What could be giddily funnier than that? Both comedians, when given a richly developed character, are thigh-slapping hilarious. Take Due Date and Semi-Pro or Anchorman. Pit these two guys against each other as political rivals for US.Congress, then it becomes a dream comedy for fans of Ferrell and Galiafanikis. With the baby-punching in the trailer, though, you get a little worried that maybe that's the best that they've got to offer, but US Politics with idiots as rivals played by really talented actors? That's a great material right there. The odds of a failure here is almost nil. 

But then, shockingly, The Campaign, directed by Jay Roach (Little Fockers)...(READ FULL REVIEW)
A great kiddie movie can entertain anybody, from a grandma right down to a grade-schooler. From a pony-tailed film snob down to the happy-go-lucky mainstream moviegoer, because an excellent storytelling is an excellent storytelling! Simple as that. Regardless of the target audience.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, the third installment of the Wimpy movie franchise based on the bestselling book series by Jeff Kinney, is my first introduction to the popular world of the wimpy hero, Greg Heffley (Zachary Gordon). But after I left the cinema, I was not converted to the Cult of the Wimpy Kid.

In Dog Days, summer vacation has finally started and Wimpy Greg, who is not really wimpy in the pure sense of the word, is excited to spend the summer playing video games with his major crush, Holly (Peyton List) because, well, he's the "indoor type." Unfortunately, his father (Steve Zhan), the genuine wimp in this kiddie tale, forces Greg...(READ FULL REVIEW)
A spin-off of the Matt Damon Bourne trilogy, The Bourne Legacy introduces a new hero, Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner), one of the genetically enhanced agents of a U.S. top-secret intelligence program called "Outcome," quite similar to Jason Bourne's program, Treadstone. When the ops head, Retired Col. Eric Byer (Edward Norton), decided to shut down Program Outcome with a seemingly shallow reason, he immediately wants all the agents dead—  nope, not issued a termination slip and given new identities, but instantly dead, along with the oblivious team of scientists who support the Program. And so we follow Aaron Cross as he escapes to save his life— and get his fix of the blue and green pills that make him a super-soldier, with the help of scientist Dr. Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz). And all these events, according to the meticulous followers of the Bourne series, take place during Jason Bourne's exploits in Bourne Identity andSupremacy.

Directed and co-written by Tony Gilroy (Michael Clayton, Duplicity), The Bourne Legacy, when stripped off its lengthy spy talks filled with spy jargon that keep the audience in the dark, is basically nothing but ...(READ FULL REVIEW)