When Lars von Trier channels his experience with depression through filmmaking, the result is an astonishingly surreal beauty. Slowly falling horses and colliding planets, stars and ravens, snow and ashes. Like slowly moving surreal paintings right before your eyes, resonating with a kind of melancholy that is both achingly beautiful and suffocating.

Melancholia is an art house fantasy drama about the impending apocalypse: a planet called Melancholia will hit the Earth in five days' time and we watch how the clinically depressed Justine (Kirsten Dunst), and her sister  Claire (Charlotte Gainsbourg), come to terms with the imminent End.

The movie, which premiered at the 2011 Cannes Film Fest, is...(READ MORE)
Critically acclaimed mostly because of the performance of the surreal- alien-looking Tilda Swinton for her complex role as a mother of an evil son, We Need to Talk About Kevin has also won the approval of Lionel Shriver, the author who penned the novel of the same title: "Stunning...a brilliant adaptation of my novel!"

We Need to Talk About Kevin  is the chillingly disturbing story of Kevin, a teenager who went on a killing spree in his local high school. The story is delivered to us in a non-linear narrative through the perspective of Kevin's mother, Eva  (Tilda Swinton)....(READ MORE)